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Relationships Therapy

I support clients through the challenges of relationships of all kinds: family, intimate partners, friendships, and collegial.

I see intimate relationships posing significant demands on people today, requiring deep awareness and great skill to navigate successfully.

In my relationship work, I help clients understand how their past meaningful relationships affect their present ones; I help clients acquire multi interpersonal skills to steer their relationships onto the track of constructive communications, love, and support. 

I support individuals in one on one therapy work through couple and relationship issues. I see couples for couple therapy, and I support those in non-monogamous, polyamorous, and other forms of non-traditional relationships.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go” – I hold a particular form of Discernment Counselling process for couples who are deliberating between working to reconcile their relationship or ending it. Discernment Counseling is a structured process of 1 to 5 sessions held with the couple together and in individual sessions, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their relationship difficulties and foster an informed decision about their way forwards.

couple therapy, divorce, Dicernment Conseling, relationship
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